IVALIP project has come to an end

Since August 2008 partners from 5 different countries were implementing international project “Integration, Volunteerism and Adult Learning through an Intercultural Pathway” – IVALIP. After 2 years the project has come to an end.

The IVALIP project is funded with the support from European Commission by Grundtvig Programme which is a part of Lifelong Learning Programme.

Partners with various organizational backgrounds and all from different European countries were involved in project implementation. These are the organization that worked together for 2 years to reach common goals:

  1) Intercultura-AFS Portugal – project coordinator from Portugal.
  2) Polish Humanitarian Action – partner from Poland.
  3) Giresun Halk Egitimi Merkezi ve Aso Mudurlugu – partner from Turkey.
  4) Foundation Institute of Transnational Education and Research – partner from Slovakia.
  5) Association LIA (Window to the Future) – partner from Lithuania.

The main goal of project “Integration, Volunteerism and Adult Learning, through an Intercultural Pathway” (IVALIP) was to build a network of awareness on the need to facilitate the development of intercultural skills in volunteerism as a means to manage diversity and exclusion. Starting by analysing and quantifying the impact volunteerism has on traditionally socially excluded groups this project further explored training activities based on non-formal and informal educational methodologies as an inclusive tool. At the final stage of the project the trainings according to created methodology were provided for target groups in each partner country.

During 2 years of the project partners were gathering together to discuss different project issues. Five meetings were held – one meeting in each partner country. They were the following:

  1) In autumn of 2008 first partners’ meeting was hosted by Intercultura-AFS Portugal and held in cities of Lisboa and Leiria. During the meeting partners met for the first time and presented themselves and their countries – their own organizations, volunteerism situation, local minorities and social disadvantaged groups’ situations in the countries.

  2) The second meeting was hosted by Polish Humanitarian Action and held in Warsaw (Poland) in winter of 2009. This meeting was useful for changing experience –partners presented aspects of educational and learning methodologies for adult education in lifelong learning, volunteer’s life-cycle in each organization.

  3) After three months passed and spring came the third meeting was hosted in Vilnius (Lithuania) by Association LIA / Window to the Future. This meeting required active involvement of all partners, because the Training for Trainers Seminar for the volunteer trainers in non-formal adult education was organized.

  4) The fourth meeting was hosted by Foundation Institute of Transnational Education and Research and held in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava in winter of 2009. The main objective of the fourth meeting was to present the defined target-groups of the IVALIP project and the results of sample group trainings that were implemented in every partner country.

  5) And finally in spring of 2010 the fifth partners’ meeting was hosted by Giresun Halk Egitimi Merkezi ve Aso Mudurlugu and held in two cities of Turkey – Trabzon and Giresun. During the meeting all partners gathered together for the last time in IVALIP project and discussed the closing of the project and the dissemination issues, as well as the possibility to continue project activities after its end.

As the project implementation is already finished it is a good opportunity to summarize the results achieved and experiences gained during two years.

First of all, partners gained benefits from the direct activities of the project. Every partner had an opportunity to share experience and learning methodologies, find out about new training methods that can be adopted for lifelong learning in very different fields, to define itself in the area of volunteerism, how it is important and how could be useful serving the community. Also during project the Training for Trainers Seminar and methodology was created, which was tested by all partners and disseminated to target group members.

Not less important is the personal development of project partners. The IVALIP project provided a great possibility to learn more about other countries and cultures, to learn and practice English language skills, to improve communicational and social skills, to work as a team. The project showed that determination is key factor to achieve common results. We believe that every partner will further continue started work.